September 22, 2010

Who Is T-Eazy?

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tyrell “T-Eazy” Robinson has made a reputation
for himself from his charismatic, laid-back, and easy-going personality. Kids in
his Crown Heights community would call him Eazy because he rarely stressed
anything. However, this easy-going persona shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of
drive or ambition. T-Eazy is a committed emcee that is destined for greatness.

He fell in love with music at an early age. He was introduced to rap by his older brother;
doing ad-libs to his brothers’ songs. By age 11 he was writing songs for other rappers.
He later bought a karaoke machine and started recording his own music. By age 14, T-
Eazy was performing. His first radio performance was on Harlem’s Dark-Fame radio.
He would battle-rap, join ciphers, and make mix-tapes for his school audience. He was
building a following.

Growing up, his mother stressed the importance of education and put young Tyrell in
quality schools. He attended private school until the 8th grade. At age 7, his parents
separated. His father left the house. This didn’t impact T-Eazy until age 14. He became
problematic in and out of school. He was arrested on several occasions. Arguments with
his mother lead to a stint of homelessness. He lived out of bags, asking friends to allow
him to spend the night. At this point he realized life was serious. T-Eazy moved back in
with his mother and became more committed to music as a career.

At age 23 he’s leading a movement that has him performing at major cities and colleges

across America. Partnering with fellow member, singer R.Notes, NG the movement is
a force to be reckoned with. Most recent, Eazy won 2nd place to his fellow NG artist
R.Notes, who won 1st place in the legendary Faces In The Crowd July 2010 showcase.
The event was held at the Times Square Arts Center in New York City. This was an
impressive victory for the NG duo. The event caught the attention of many industry

His music covers an array of subject matters. “What I talk about is life, party vibes,
female stages, make-up, break up, forgiveness, real life situations, work, school, kids,
balancing, struggling. Keeping a roof over kids heads. Having a good time, life. Different
emotions, feelings, etc.”

His current project is the Mr. Brooklyn Bridge EP. The mixtape and single Im Fly can be
purchased on Dat “My favorite song has to be Eazy. That’s what I feel and how
I feel. That’s real…I try to be positive and optimistic. Even in a negative situation”. T-
Eazy understands how powerful his music is. Music is his craft. “Music is power. I want
my music to be embraced on different levels. I want to leave a strong impact.”