September 28, 2010

Mz. Nay Biography

I am Dawn Renee' aka MZ..NAY.

MZ..NAY, thee female rap artist the world have been looking for.
MZ..NAY can be defined: As bringing something different to the game.
4 years ago MZ..NAY decided that the rap game needed something
different. She began to write, rap and take it to the streets. It
wasn't long after her street game and her club game was tight that she
began to realize that this is where she belong and that she is an
asset to this female rap thing.
Her style of rap is like no others.
MZ..NAY, the brain child from Milwaukee Wisconsin, is 5"4 in size and
she is making big noise!
She has demonstrated the ability to lead and motivate anyone around
her. This is also proven during her every show.
MZ.. NAY, is known by many and challenged by none. Her being a triple
threat by her style of rapping, writing, and singing the industry is
shook. Embodying her being the "Queen of rap of our future" in her
town, its not a wonder why artist are always calling her to come get
her a verse in on their trac.
MZ..NAY, is a trendsetter, a go getter, hard working and innovative
these are words commonly used to describe this GEM.  She has a plan
for longevity. She has her hand in the plan for changing the game..
On MZ..NAY list is her "MY BAGS" Foundation. Her foundation is like
her MUSIC strong and with a message. Her goal is also to represent
women all over the world..
MZ..NAY, is presently working on her new "EP" entitled "JUST AS I AM"
release and has a great team by her side. She has joined forces w/
ADtheGeneral (NAN), working on Collabos w/ Young Karty
(HEATMAKERZ/CRASHCREW) Maddman (rapper and editor and chief of
B.U.R.N.U Movement all of NY CITY) and abroad and at the same time
adding a twist to the game with the Midwest mtg East coast flow!
MZ..NAY, stay on her grind. "BARBIE GIRL" is currently her hit single out now.
MZ..NAY plans to change the look/ face of the "BARBIE GIRL"..."BARBIE"
has been everything but she has never been a rapper. Following in the
footsteps of the icon rap mogul "RUN DMC" she took a well known pop
song and converted in to rap.. ("BARBIE GIRL" by AQUA.)
This is just the beginning of her genius plan to bring difference to the game.
Her "BUBBLE GUM" trac  Feat. TWISTA along with her work with SMOKE E.
DIGGLERA on "DO U WANT DIS" is a few of her most recent
Besides the fact that there is no other FEMCEE like MZ..NAY and not
one has ever challenged her or come close to her style or what she
represents as a whole.
She is a needed asset and plans to be a LEGACY!!
Dubbed "QUEEN OF RAP of our future "
You can look forward to seeing MZ..NAY in your city or a city near soon.
MZ..NAY agenda is: 2010-thru( life of this rap game!)
2010 "POSITIVE IMAGE" AWARD,on August 7 2010 in Washington DC @ the
OMNI SHOREHAM HOTEL presented by YPNI NEWS (Maryland based newspaper)
not only a nominee but as a performer and a speaker and as a CEO of
her "MY BAGS" Foundation, representing all of the ladies both young
and old world wide. She also will be traveling the 50 states on the
50 city tour with the "POSITIVE IMAGE" TOUR and
At the same time promoting her new EP "JUST AS I AM" .
MZ..NAY is the first of all artist/rap/ producer or djs to record and
Besides breaking into the game making a difference and bringing in the "NEW"!
Mz..Nay will be opening for the "ALL STAR" event in Tennessee where
they are working on a mixtape that features Mz..NAY and another w/
female FEMCEES Mixtape that put MZ..NAY in the front line.
MZ..NAY recently interviewed, on HYPEMAN CRUNK radio, WAITING2XHALE
RADIO, and twice on ARTIST ON DA RIZE RADIO do to back by popular
demand effect she leaves on her fans.
Where you can find MZ..NAY? In MAY in NYC, Shooting her video for
"BARBIE GIRL" ST.LOUIS. Both in April and in May
In TENNESEE in April, in HOTLANTA and abroad.
You can catch MZ..NAY in SPATEMAGAZINE, In E2K(Everything 2 Know)
Magazine and more.."BARBIE" the rapper doll, commercial, movies,
soundtracs, I am doing it all!

Look out WORLD..This is..