September 7, 2010

September 18th Strickly For The Fans TV Show Taping

“Strickly for the Fans!” means just that! No judges, no prizes, no BS! Its just YOU in front of a sold out crowd of fans. You always wanted the chance to rock the mic your way but never had the opportunity… Well, here it is! The Videocity “Strickly for The Fans” showcase!

What you get:
2 songs performed under studio lighting in front of 4 cameras (explict lyrics accepted)
Photos By Dirty Souf Yankee (
In-depth 3 part interview (by Jillian Valentin, Waheeda Sohan, and Catalyst)
12 tickets to give away or to sell your choice
All of which u receive a copy of on DVD to post on your site and promote yourself as many times over as you see fit.

The Showcase films in Manhattan on September 18th from 1-5pm (because this is a taping for TV the location is only released to participating acts) Artist MUST perform two song to a TV Track or a show cd.

Submit tracks and all questions to