October 13, 2010


Hip Hop is constantly changing. Veteran rappers are retiring seasoned rappers aren't selling units like they used to and the rookies aren't consistently stepping up their game leaving the door wide open for a new crop of hot emcee's to explode onto the scene. Provolone records recording artist Naza is kicking in the doors and putting the Hip Hop world on full alert! The young twenty five year old rap artist is jumping at the opportunity to prove that he can overcome the many obstacles thrown his way and embark on a long and sucessful career in Hip Hop.Naza born Darius L. Brewton is the total package. He possesses superior lyrical skills an infectiously hot flow charisma and the looks to top it all off. Naza puts these skills on full display on his debut album tentatively titled "321 Blast Off" The album is aptly named because it sums up the subjects and experiences that he covers in his rhymes. 
            The album is refreshingly versatile and paints an engrossing and vivd picture of Naza's World.Listening to Naza's flow one can tell where his musical influences derive from. Naza says rappers like Biggie 2-Pac Jada Kiss Nas and Jay-Z have had the greatest impact on him motivating him to pick up his pen and pad and start writing.Growing up in Butler Houses Projects in the South Bronx in spite of his age has made Naza a seasoned veteran of the streets. Naza is the son of an infamous drug dealer who was gunned down when Naza was only eight months old on a Brooklyn street. Although he never was afforded the chance to know his father he found himself following in his father's footsteps. Determined not to travel down that same road Naza decided to get focused and channel his energy into something positive. His music. Rhyming and battling on the block since the age of twelve is where Naza honed his skills. With a clothing line and acting career on the rise, Naza is ready to take over not just the hip-hop industry but all corners of Hollywood.