December 30, 2010

Lotto Aura Bio

It’s Aura time, and if you haven’t caught the sprinkle in the air you haven’t met Lotto
(Luck)Aura. Born and raised in the Bronx, Lotto grew up on 183rd and prospect.
Lotto’s life story was similar to others who were raised during the crack era. His
eyes watched the streets run wild and its inevitable impact quickly took hold of him.
Being the youngest of five older brothers, only made Luck that more advanced. His
brothers had already prepped him for street survival and Luck followed suit and
hit the streets early. The Aura Team was born here, originally a block “thing” that
slowly transferred into the music.

When he was younger, music was just something he played around with. Luck was
inspired by rap legends like Rakim, KRS-1, Hov, Biggie, Nas and the Wu Tang Family.
But as much as he loved music he would go to the studio unprepared just to hang
with friends. His older brothers tried to push him toward that role but his heart
wasn’t there… yet.

Lotto continued to hustle the streets and soon found himself leading younger cats
into music. His leadership and mentorship became so respected that his friends
began to question why he wasn’t doing it. They would say “yo you nice”, “why don’t
you do this”. Lotto’s thirst for music began to grow and his hustles focus slowly
began to change. The grind was his wife and music became his mistress.

As his buzz began to grow, music began to take on a bigger role. Tired of the risk of
the streets, Lotto went full throttle with his music career. Determined to lead the
younger cats and fam around him to new heights, he began to dedicate his whole
heart into music and it soon began to pay off.

Luck’s biggest accomplishments happened in 2010 when the Drama King, Kay
Slay, cycled not 1 but 2 of his certified bangas for weeks. The first, called My Money
Remix ft Mysonne and Cortez quickly lit up the airwaves and the streets. And later
Air Aura ft Imam Thug, quenched the thirst of Hip HOP with nothing but good aura.

Luck and his brother Show Teezy also graced the streets with an amaing mixtape,
Hoolified Aura that gained public notoriety and accolades. The Nasty Gurl single they
dropped was accompanied by an amazing video that also propelled them to a new
level. His next video and single “Hating On me” ft Teezy and Bulletchild showed that
his street appeal hadn’t died. And he is keeping the streets sprinkling with Fresh, Air
Aura, BossHog Aura, Cake Mix and more.

In addition to his singles and music, Lotto continues to help groom new artist.
He manages, new female rapper Dutchess and singer Oscar Fernandez under his
company Hardbody Hooligan Entertainment. His eyes are set on creating multiple
streams of income and he is currently working on a deal for his entire venture.

His latest projects include work with artists Mysonne, Penz, Cortez, Imam Thug,
Prospect Penz, Quesfire and more with production by Vinny Idol, Ralph Random and
other talented producers. His solo mixtape, “Talk To Me” is set to hit the streets and
have aura sprinkling everywhere.

Lotto Aura is a trendsetter who has his own. No cosigners needed. In the words of
Hollywood sprinkle himself…”TALK TO MEEEEEEE!”