July 22, 2011


The Man, the Mission and the Movement

If you are unfamiliar with the name Toron Bordain a.k.a. Big Teazey, it’s just a matter of time before you are! The only question is will you hear about him because if his growing following of listeners of his radio station ATLanta Movement Radio or because of his drive and desire to change the face of independent music through his organization 1M.M.I.C. International. Either way, when you do discover him, you will not soon forget him!
A Chicago, Cook County native, Bordain has never fit the traditional mold. Not that he is an anarchist but he just prefers to do things differently. The second oldest of four siblings, he just always seemed to want to carve his own path. Unlike most of the kids in school, he didn’t gravitate towards the usual extracurricular activity.
“I have never been a fan of social order,” he explains. “I just like to do things my own way.”
Even as early as grade school, Bordain was developing a strong sense of discovery about himself and the world that eventually led him to join the United States Air Force straight out of Stone Mountain’s Redan High School in 1996. As a young man, not really sure what he wanted to do with his life, he would end up at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska where he worked in aircraft maintenance. With an obvious aptitude for mechanics and all things technical, Bordain excelled in his position but felt that he was not in control of his own life. So, he passed on a reenlistment in the Air Force in 2001 and embraced civilian life and the freedom to chart a new course for his life – becoming the next entertainment industry mogul.
Having an affinity and passion for independent music and artists Bordain knew he wanted to work in music but it was a chance meeting with DJ Strong of 1420 AM (Life, Music, Radio) that ignited his new passion – Radio. Soon afterwards, Bordain had built a staff, created a concept and with DJ Strong producing he started his own radio show, which aired on Fridays on 1420 AM. When he first started, Bordain said his goal was simple: “to get artists airplay,” and things progressed nicely with his listenership going from zero to several thousand in a few short months. Barely a year later, he decided to take a leap into cyberspace with his own online station ATLanta Movement Radio leaving behind his traditional radio roots.
Now, his mission is to become the ‘FM Radio Killer’ and to bring substance and value back to radio through ATLanta Movement Radio and his corporation 1M.M.I.C. International. Bordain contends that the community has been being “ripped off” by traditional radio for years and that the internet is the only true “unrestricted” medium of expression that still exists. True to form, Bordain was attracted to the freedom the internet provided and he is using it to make a significant impact on music in favor of the independent artist. Through 1M.M.I.C. International, Bordain is on a mission to bring exposure to independent artist on an international scale. Bordain has also delved into artist management in line with his goal to change music for the better. In 2008 he started planning the national concert event ‘The College Life Tour’, which has attracted the attention of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who has since become The College Life Tour flagship sponsor.
With 1M.M.I.C. International, The College Life Tour and ATLanta Movement Radio, Bordain says he is truly striving to change the face of radio from the inside out. With ATLanta Movement Radio, he is on the crest of the wave of change that is coming to radio as we know it.

Tune in today to www.atlmovementradio.com and tap into the future of radio.