August 31, 2011

Dru Ha To Run 26.2 NYC Marathon In Honor of Father

From: AllHipHop

Hip-Hop executive Dru Ha has announced that he will run in the ING: New York City Marathon this November, to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association NYC.

Dru Ha, who co-founded seminal Hip-Hop label Duck Down Records with rapper Buckshot of Black Moon, will run in honor of his father Harvey L. Friedman, who passed away from Alzheimer's this past January.

His father suffered from the battle for over nine years and shortly after his passing in January, Dru Ha began to train.

"I wanted to do something extremely challenging in memory of my father and to raise awareness about this compassionless disease," Dru Ha said. "Fans of Duck Down may not realize how instrumental my father was in assisting with incorporating and founding Duck Down.  While he was a respected real estate attorney, he had little legal entertainment background yet found the time to learn enough about the business to help negotiate our early contracts and offered unconditional guidance for Buckshot and myself."

Dru Ha will run the 26.2 mile race with the NYC Alzheimer's Association marathon chapter team: “Run 2 Remember.”

Dru Ha has also found traces of his father's morals in taking on the challenging race.

"To properly train for a marathon, I'm quickly learning it takes dedication, perseverance and sacrifice of your personal time.  All qualities my father exemplified;  it's a fitting way to pay tribute to him.

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