October 7, 2011


It takes talent to make the struggle to succeed seem effortless, but that is the gift that separates K.I. from the everyday MC. With his non-apologetic approach K.I. has been branded "the voice of the people", saying what most people want to but are afraid to. He realizes there are consequences to speaking his mind, but there are greater consequences in not doing so.
In a time where people are tired of lackluster fly by night artists selling gimmicks instead of good music the rap game has just been taken up a notch with K.I.'s sophomore album, "It's Personal." Starting off with the hit single, "Voice of the People", you feel the energy and presence that K.I. brings to the table, which is that of musical maturity and progress from the advantage point of the streets.
K.I. blends deep messages of familiar inner-city struggles with a grown-man attitude that puts most of today's popular music at the kiddies table. This album not only appeals to the young crowd with it's hot beats and catchy hooks it's also praised by the O.G. for hits menacing concepts and scorching lyrics. It's Personal is definitely a must have album, and if this is any indication of the talent K.I. brings to the rap game, you can expect his career to soar in the near future while others take note of what's hot.

It's Personal