December 6, 2011

"GET TO KNOW " @playboyburgt2

Playboy burg bio - Playboy burg was born September 20th in Brooklyn hospital both his parents migrated from puerto Rico in the 70's for the American dream he grew up as a child in the late 80's in a tuff new york city were hip hop was born into his life he picked up music from his parents Latin music from momma and rhythm and soul from his poppa and his late great grandfather a musician from PR who played live instruments when the late 90's came he used all his poetry in his note book and inspiration from the notorious BIG and made his first demo his neighborhood Williamsburg BK fell in love with playboy burg he was named the king of Willie b from 2000 on he won every major rap battle from wetlands to sob's to fat beats to ny rican cafe getting comparisons to big pun but street life, the death of family and close friends, drama, beef, various arrest and jail kept burg in trouble and away from his music then in 2006 he formed his company team deuce ent and became a CEO he launched his first main stream album with help from his partner and investor label president called bury me a g and sold 20,000 copies out the trunk he became the newest thing out of NYC all ladies loved playboy burg and the streets thus earning the name the hottest thing in the city for the next 5 years he released various mixtapes every month 12 every year he performed every major show and venue worldwide worked with every major artist and producer worldwide and has been in every major radio station with every major Dj and all known Internet sights plus magazines and released various videos worldwide monthly on all major networks playboy burg is a single father of 2 his son Noah brooklyn and daughter kiana Alize and has learned to stay out of trouble and be humble and praise the lord and now it's his time to shine he's the next big thing from the east coast the 25 year old mc is destined for glory and fame he is the broke mans rapper the poor mans poet and 99% of his fans are females with the release of mr controversy his new mixtape available now and this summer his album slash movie the hottest thing in the city mr controversy pt 2 feat French Montana, uncle Murda, tone trump, Cassidy & many more 2011 looks bright for a chubby phat boy from the hood !