December 4, 2011

@VagabondsMusic "Invisible"

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Coming off the success of their last video, "The Real Dade County", the Vagabonds are finally releasing the first OFFICIAL video release off their new EP, "#FML". Titled "Invisible", this Baysiqly solo track (produced by E.R. of course), details the struggle of being ignored and overlooked while having a message that they want to bring out to the world, or a "speck in a world full of objects", as Baysiqly puts it.

"Invisible" mashes up E.R.'s bouncy, psychedelic board work with cinematics from Mr. Visual, showing a first-person view of an individual being ignored by everyone who passes him by. That, along with flashes of current world events, is a deadly mixture that can drive anybody to insanity and irrational choices, as depicted by the ending of this video.

As the first of many videos to be released off their new EP, "Invisible" looks to set the pace of what current fans and new listeners can expect from "#FML". Be sure to log on to to be up to speed on new projects, videos, and upcoming shows.