January 18, 2012


While many artists tailor their skills to blend in with the masses,
few have the courage to be different. Seldom is it seen when an
artist has the ability to create new patterns of creativity using
multiple tools. Meet Serenity Starr, a legit threat cut from a
different cloth.

Serenity starr is the new face of hip hop. Born in Liberty city a
small "Hood" area in Miami, Fl she has always been exposed to music
and entertainment along with different styles of it. Uncle Luke at
this time was a big influence for her in entertaining along with many
greats such as Lauren Hill, Missy Elliot and Lil Kim. She has always
had a love and passion for creating music, but one night she relaized
she actually can take the next step in pursuing music as a career.

She flipped the music approach and is currently branding herself as a
hipster, Making very real and mainstream music while still being
relatable, looking for her big break. She first started off behind the
scenes but has now made her way to the front of the camera. Also
incorporating her Haitian swag into her music she hopes to please her
audience with her lyrical content and style.

Tyga -Rack city Freestyle by Serenity Starr, Greatone, and RAWAKASPACEMAN

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