January 5, 2012

@lytesout " Lytes Out vs Focus" / Body Bag Battles Presents: LytesOut vs Honest E

A young entrepreneur with a dream, of turning his thoughts, ideas, and feelings into reality. A kid with a broken household at an early age has always felt music was his get away. A place where he was free to do, say, and vent out to the world however he wanted, music was and still is his everything. Now getting a little older, and a lot wiser, is starting to understand the business part of the music. Lytes, now CEO/Owner and founder of Gleam Entertainment since late 2011 is working hard in every way possible to make his upcoming year a good one. Working with his close friend Chris Styles the CEO/Owner and founder of Idolize clothing, are looking forward to the future.

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Video's - http://youtu.be/XrLOqKsqLr8, http://youtu.be/t_vhgTAGdkc

Email lytesout05@gmail.com, feedlytesbeatz@gmail.com

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