March 10, 2012

"JODY FLOYD" Killing Everything (via) @shahcypha

Born in Greenville, Mississippi; Jody
Floyd  is one of the first, if not the first, true Mississippi
born-and-bread rappers to present the Delta's way of life in his music,
style and attitude. Rapping since the 1990's, Jody Floyd perfected his
style and skillz in Tustin, CA and Houston, TX, while still remaining true
to the Mississippi Delta.

His style of music consists of
braggadocious lyrics combined with a street mentality with no holds barred
attitude twist. .... With the release of his two albums, "Legendary", and
“The Leak” out , Jody Floyd is poised and ready to continue
changing the game with hits such as “Untouchable”,
“Killing Everything” , “ So Fie(Fire)”  on his
upcoming project “ATTITUDE MUSIC files” and  present a
true interpretation of everyday life in Delta.

Jody is set to become the Delta's first
true heavyweight hip-hop contender, and he's about to breathe new life into
a rap game cluttered with the same mundane lyrics song after song. With
innovative producers like P.A.C. at his back, his new projects are sure to
separate Jody Floyd from the masses. Though called by many names such as
Floyd Floyd, Flow Sho, The Ladies' Pet and Jody Joe, one thing remains true
and that's a commitment to being the best. Join Jody Floyd on his
"Legendary" journey to the top and witness the continuation of a hip-hop

Attitude MUSIC!

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