April 4, 2012

GET TO KNOW @ThePrototype101

Born in the South Bronx, New York City; The Prototype grew up the youngest of five brothers in a low in-come apartment that was rich in art, music and movies. While many of his siblings were influenced by the streets; Pro was more influenced into drawing comic books, watching sci-fi movies and writing poems.

After being inspired by Hip Hop greats such as Notorious B.I.G., DMX and OutKast, he fused elements of spoken word and storytelling into rap songs. Having discovered his new found passion, Pro begins having aspirations of becoming a Rap Artist.

During High School he begins generating buzz from his witty lyricism and aggressive rap battles. His popularity connects him with local deejay and producer Dj Boogie Monster. They immediately become affiliated and eventually start recording tracks leading them to start own record label called Die Hard Ent.

They begin working on their 1st project titled "Killa Karaoke" with Pro (then Prolifik) rapping and Boogie Monster producing as well as distributing the music. Pro Believing this would be his claim to fame; dropped out school to pursue a music career full time.

"Killa Karaoke" unsuccessfully gained attention after months of promoting and shopping their material to record labels. Die Hard Ent. disbanded due to creative and financial difficulties. Boogie Monster continued doing music on his own, while Pro returned back to school on GED program and then enlisting in the Army.

After several years of military service, Pro arrives back to New York still driven and determined on breaking into the music industry.

"At first, i was kinda disappointed in myself because i quit on my dream.. But had get my life in order. Nevertheless i was still writing, drawing and being creative wherever i was at. And hearing the new music that was playing on the radio and in my neighborhood made more me relentlessness and inspired than ever!"

He then changes stage name to The Prototype and proceeds to release a mixtape called "The High School Drop Out". The mixtape began to receive respect from the streets and industry taste makers. This earned him the attention from Grammy Nominated and Universal Rap Artist Remy Ma. Impressed with The Prototype's talents, Remy Ma declared "He's the originator, the beginning of the newness”.

Pro re-establishes his relationship with friend and business partner Dj Boogie Monster to re-launch Die Hard Ent. and acquires distribution from Amalgam Digital in 2009. Soon after he releases a another project; the sequel to his mixtape "The High School Drop Out" dubbed "The High School Drop Out: 2nd Semester" co-signed by Remy Ma and mixtape power house Deejay Super Star Jay.

The Prototype is currently working on a new project titled "Pro.i.Am" It will contain both a mixtape version (Available on Sound Cloud & Datpiff) as well as album version (BestBuy, iTunes, Google Music and Amazon) Features and Producers to be announced...

GOOGLE SEARCH: the prototype die hard ent.

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ThePrototype/119033314810639

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/ThePrototype101

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Manager: Derrick "Meggastan" Stanfield-Kivoi


A&R: Charles "Sleep" Duffy