April 22, 2012

JkashPMG "Spanish Mafia Vol.1 (Mixtape)" (via) @isthenew50cent


Devoid of its negative associations with illegal profit making, deception and illicit behavior, the word hustle, at its root, is the mainstay element of ingenuity and perseverance that it takes to realize the American Dream. From immigrants who find success on new shores to CEO’s who work their way from the bottom of the ladder to the top; they all make bold moves to triumph. That’s hustling. Recording artist, Kash is heir to this legacy. As a 21st century hustler, Kash has discovered that whether it’s on the streets or in the music business success is determined by the three codes of hustling; humility, passion and drive.

Kash’s disarming sense of humility was molded by the challenges of his upbringing in the humble grounds of Queens, New York in the infamous Baisley Projects. Witnessing his mother struggle to make ends meet, experiencing the pain that comes from lacking access to the finer things in life and eventually embracing the lure of the easy street hustle; all created a young man searching for a better alternative in life.

“At the time I didn’t realize that those experiences would give me so much humility and teach me to never forget where I come from. I only wanted a way out to be happy, provide for my family and do what I love to do.”

The way out was found through the second code of hustling: passion. Passion entered Kash’s life in the form of hip-hop on a syncopated breakbeat, scratched up to rhythmic precision and laced with poetic rhymes; all of which flooded from the block parties of his neighborhood. Kash’s musical passion developed into his present style of delivering hard-hitting rhymes about the nightlife, relationship/sex dynamics and social observations over percolating beats.

“I learned the art of hustle and music and music soon became my sole hustle. In perfecting my craft I was able to express myself in a way that others could relate to, laugh with, cry with, make love to and dance to. I want my music to make you feel all of my passion.”

Passion soon gave way to the final code of hustling: drive. From there it’s been one successful hustle after another with Kash becoming a retired champion on BET’s “106 & Park, appearing on MTV2’s “Fight Klub Battles” and opening up for Nas’ 2007 Hip-Hop is Dead Tour. Kash is currently working on his forthcoming debut album set for release in 2010.

With the codes of humility, passion and drive guiding his path, Kash is living proof that there’s no stopping a pure natural born American dream hustler.

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