May 27, 2012


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Da' Hitman (Core DJs) returns to team up with CoDizzle for their third mixtape together "Ego vs Diz". The mixtape features production from Jespana, Gemini, the BeatBoyz, Marvino Beats, and A Reem along with guest artists Gunz, Melodic, Darq, June, Kio, and Spade.

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Mixtape: Ego vs Diz

01 10/4
02 I’m the Ish (produced by Gemini)
03 Bob Dylan - ft Gunz
04 Freestyle - ft Melodic
05 Plotting and Scheming - ft Gunz
06 Que Lo Que - ft Gunz
07 Lockdown (produced by Jespana)
08 So Focused - ft Darq
09 I Can Put You On
10 Milk and Cookies - ft Gunz
11 What U Waiting On
12 Bust It Wide Open
13 Over Achiever (produced by the beatboyz)
14 Get It Sold - with June
15 Second Best
16 Got To Get By
17 Codizzle Speaks On It
18 You Know What Time It Is Chopped & Screwed - ft Kio
19 Live Life - ft Diangel (produced by Jespana)
20 Faded
21 Welcome 2 The Weekend - ft Spade
22 Take That (produced by Marvinobeats)
23 Sick and Tired (produced by A Reem)
24 Bonus Track - I Go In

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On the Turntables: Da’ Hitman (Core DJs)

Executive Produced By Money Mitch
Co-Executive Produced by Jespana

Songs Mixed at Stush Studio
545 Eighth Avenue (between 37th & 38th Streets), Suite 2415, New York, NY 10018
and RedBird Studio
Email: Tel: +1.212.727.8055
39th & 8th Avenue, New York City

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