May 31, 2012

Who Is Reefa? @reefaBURNone


Up and coming rapper Reefa was born in Houston, Texas, a very music rich city. It has produced some of
today’s top talents such as Bun B, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Young Money’s Short Dawg. Today, Texas
unveils another star in the making, Reefa of Talk Loud Ent | New Wave Ent.
Reefa began rapping at a young age after he saw his brother, Richie Rich, begin a career in the mixtape
chop and screw scene. These unique mixtapes showcase a DJ’s acute ability to mix and “chop & screw”
songs to their liking with special effects. Soon, Richie Rich saw a high demand in his music and released a
total of seven mixtapes that were highly popular throughout Texas. It wasn’t before long Reefa decided that
he had to pick up the mic too.

“I just watched my brother do it and it inspired me,” Reefa said about his start in music.“Swisha House
inspired me as well. When I saw my brother start doing it, that’s when I got real interested,” he went on to

Although a newcomer at the time to the rap scene, Reefa picked up the mic and attacked it like a pro. He
most certainly got everyone’s attention and it wasn’t before long when they all saw Reefa had a natural
talent for rapping. However, what made Reefa’s start in rap even more amazing was the fact he never
picked up a pen or paper. He shockingly just started rhyming off the top of his head. However, as Reefa
explained, freestyling is in the genes of Hustle Town rappers.
“Everybody in the H, that’s how they are gonna start out, by freestyling. It’s the way it is.”
Through his original approach and hustle lifestyle, he began making a name for himself in the underground
rap scene. In highschool Reefa started a group called Diamond District with his friend and fellow rapper
Gunna. Together, they began to carve out what would later become the basis for their record company Talk
Loud Ent.

After graduating and living in Houston for some time, Reefa eventually branched out to Dallas and Wichita
Falls, where he continued his musical exploits.
“I was born in Houston, started off in Dallas and Wichita Falls is where the goon squad came out,” the
rapper said. “All three places are very important to me.”
It was in these two areas that Reefa began to develop his identity that we see today and he quickly
developed a reputation as a rabid fire spitter. Not only was his flow smooth and silky, but it also possessed a
tenacious bite to it.
The rapper said about his spit fire flow, “I gotta specific name for it. I call it semi-automatic flow. I call it that
to describe the way I spit a quick set of bars. It’s the way I let my words rip off. I only use it when I feel the
time is right though.”

Now, with a steady business approach in mind, Reefa traveled back from Wichita Falls to Dallas to kick off
his music career where it started. Together with his high school friend Gunna, the two officially started Talk
Loud Ent. The label also consists of friend and director Dante Murray, owner of Kite Flight Films, as well as
his brother Richie Rich, who handles production on the records.
With his brand new single “Hater” swarming the airwaves, it is only a matter of time before Reefa is
nationally recognized. Perhaps his true life approach to music is what makes him so special.
As Reefa said, “As years go by, I only speak on what I see or what I got goin on. I don’t bite off anybody
else’s swag,” Reefa stated. “I don’t speak upon somebody’s else’s life. I got too many interesting things
about to pop off in my life. I just stick to what I know, I don’t needa speak about someone else.”
Expect a lot more from this young MC, as he is gearing up to drop his debut album entitled “The Takeover,
Otherwise the Fallout”. Also expect a video for the smash hit “Haters” which will be directed by Dante
Murray. With his recent signing and the merger of Talk Loud Ent with the independent label New Wave Ent,
it is only a matter of time until Reefa is burnin up airwaves near you.