June 11, 2012

Get To Know @Chopsda1 & Check Out "Open Your Eyes" Director: Al Jacobs ( @AlJ_TheDirector )

Markeith “Chops” Lott
Talented. Witty. Lyrical.

Born and raised in Newark New Jersey, where it is a struggle to keep hopes and dreams alive, the truly inspired Chops keeps music in his soul and song in his heart. Rhyming since the tender age of Eleven, Chops has engraved his stamp on several successful mix tapes including; DJ Kay Slay, Violaters, DJ Lazy K, and DJ Vlad. Chops has toured the stages with several major acts including; G-Unit, Diddy, Pharell, Clipse, Naughty by Nature, Joe Budden, Wu-Tang Clan and Sean Paul.

This seasoned veteran has stood side by side on collaborations with Murder Mook and T- Rex, and has retired 10/0 at the Fight Club Rap Battles. Chops has also made his debut on the silver screen with his knock out performance in the movie “My grandma Gansta”.

Chops has recorded over 50 hit songs and performed in over 50 stage shows, Chops has proven to be a rising icon in the hip hop stream. Chops is also available for radio drops, event hosting, collaborations, concert openings, touring, cameos, sitcoms, and movie roles.

Be on the look out for the album “TIMNASHINE” IN 2012. All music will be available on iTunes

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