June 11, 2012

GET TO KNOW @MonetMerchand


She was born and raised in the Bronx. Now She's Taking Harlem By
Storm. Now a Manhattanite Monet Is a undeniable Force To Be Reckoned
With Her passion for music and entertainment has taken her on a
journey that has opened many doors. But she's No Newby to this
Industry or To Harlem. After the unfortunate News of her Deceased
Cousin Andre Huddy (HUD 6) Hudson on Oct 13, 2010 Monet Decided to
take a A a Stand Move Back To Harlem & Continue The Family's LEGACY!!
It was a Tough Blow... She Quotes: but i know hud 6 would want me to
Stay Strong & Continue on With My Life... It's Not a Day that goes By
where I don't think about my Cousin it's Like He Went to Heaven & Gave
Me The Crown!! Andre Hudson was Also A Rapper He Was Part Of Harlem
World & was Widely Known. I Miss Him Dearly But I also Know That it's
My Duty to stay Strong & take care of My Family. Up & Atem is The
Motto & this is a Big World, 7 Billion people + in this world if you
can't make money You're worthless; A Quote she Remembers Huddy telling
her all the Time. I know he's looking down Smiling at Me from Heaven,
I know He's Proud. She is a Boss and a lyrical beast who refuses to
take no for an answer.  Her confident tone and tenacious disposition
has given this multi-talented rap artist wings to fly beyond the
highest plateau.  Who is she?  Her aura exudes beauty and the message
behind her music commands respect.   She exemplifies authenticity, and
no doubt she is a star who was born to shine forever.  This hip hop
artist is definitely a true representation of success as she never
gave up on her dreams. This starlet still continues to break down
barriers.  She grinds hard, perseveres and never settles for less. Who
is she?

Her name is Monet Merchand and she is a young and vibrant female music
Hip Hop Artist, beautiful Motivated and daring actress who is deeply
driven with passion to follow her very own mind and heart.  Being
herself and doing what she pleases has given her the confidence to
create her own lane and therefore separating herself from the crowd of
replicated artists.   Monet is a shining ray of light who is destined
to make it.  Indeed her voice is being heard as she now travels the
Tri-State area setting fire to every mic she picks up, and tearing
down every stage she steps on.  Disinclined to speak in silence, she
speaks volume.  She does not apologize for making her own rules,
because she is an artist who paints her own picture.  This is her time
and her WAVE so why dont you test the Waters Ride Out & Rock Out!!
Monet Merchand is... The New Movement

Her Website: http://msmonet.weebly.com/ Check Her Out!!! You Can
Also View her Resume on ActorsPages.org/MonetMerchand