June 11, 2012

GET TO KNOW @BlindFury "Young And Gifted Always ..... YAGA"

Blind Fury

The hip hop world has been waiting patiently for the next big thing! Blind Fury represents the evolution of the rap game that was born on the streets of the Bronx, NY. Born blind on October 10, 1984 in Camden South Carolina he had the world against him from day one. Imagine the doctor telling your Mother that you didn’t have a chance of making it past age one. These are the odds that Fury has been facing his whole life. Growing up he had to deal with the blackness and the blindness. These were hard times for him and his struggling single parent mother. Like so many before him to turned to music , he began at an early age learning to play the keyboard by age four and he began singing at age five.

As Hip Hop grew so did Blind Fury, at age nine his singing transformed into creatin rhymes in his head on a daily basis. His talents began to shine and the people of South Carolina started to get a taste of what was to come. He began to be called gifted because of his immense talents. Fury decided to showcase his talents on stage for the first time at a local club in South Carolina when he was discovered by DJ Mellow(Travis Jiles). Mellow contacted his friends DJ Spice(Harold Griffin), Darell Jones about his discovery of an amazing talent. The friends formed the management company 3 WiseMen Entertainment with one mission on their minds Blind siding the music world!Fury began to perfect his skills in the studio laying down tracks that showcased his singing as well as his mic skills. Then came the MC battles, Fury has slayed emcees up and down the east coast from Atlanta’s Club 112 to NYC’s Fight club. Word quickly started to spread through the streets of NYC that there was an MC who couldn’t see but he could definitely hear the music and the crowd as he destroyed anyone who stepped to him. Blind Fury is best known on the national scene for his 2003 appearance on the live MC battle on MTV. Though he didn’t win by the judge’s vote, everyone else including the streets say that he got JERKED and should have won hands down!

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Fury has also received love from many of the industry artists such as Killer Mike,T.I., KaySlay, D.J. Premier, Ghostface,Ludacris, FatMan Scoop,Gregg Street and Big Gipp. Blind Fury has released a number of Mixtapes including Street Leaks Vol.1 & 2, The Freestyles Parts 1 & 2 & B.Fury "Live Heat". The first offical 3 WiseMen Entertainment Blind Fury release is the well received Gifted E.P. It's a must have 8 Track Banger that will prove to the world that The one we call Blind Fury is not just a battle rapper that will get at you.It proves that Fury is a true Artist that has real talent as he shows in his Songs & his Production.