June 6, 2012


                                       Wattie's Bio
           Wattie's musical journey began when he was introduced to rapping by friend Tarane Parker. 11th grade yr Wattie took it serious, he joined King Juvenation. Wattie and K.L Mursilus began working with producer Dallas Kencaid and doing shows. In 12th grade he met O.Z., gave him a tape and they are still friends. It just so happened that O.Z. was in Emortal Thugs and they were produced by Layzie of Bone Thugs n Harmony. He began hanging with EMT and Layzie, realizing that his dream could come true. He did songs with O.Z & had a musical vibe. O.Z. introduced Wattie to the Mo Thugs family and immediately clicked. Wattie did back up at multiple shows while also learning the game from Layzie. After years of grinding King Juvenation came to an end. After being a solo artist and learning from the Mo Thugs camp Wattie came across Tico Bay. They formed WarTorN Rebelyas. There were lessons learned along the way. WarTorN created 1 album and several Mixtapes, shows and a video. They came across many producers but none like Terry Timberlake.  After years of grinding it out T.B came across a well known DJ, DJ Butterrock. WarTorN came to an unfortunate end with Wattie and T.B deciding to go their separate ways. He continued to work with Butterrock threw 2010 and released One Foot Out One Foot in and achieved the #1 spot on thatcrack.com with over 1690 downloads in 4 days. Wattie is now working on his next project What's Left Of Me at Empire Recordings with Brian White. Brian has engineered for MGK, Trey Songz, Ray Jr and others. Being born to a 16yr old adopted mother in the hood and never knowing his father left Wattie on a path full of Pain and uncertainty. Having been homeless drives Wattie to be as successful as he can be. At one point he was consumed by street hustling but learned that he couldn’t do that and music. Wattie finally feels he’s in the right situation with the backing of close friend and business partner J-Prez. Wattie is determined to put E.123 Lakeview and the City of Cleveland back where it needs to be. With the blessings of GOD and hard work, Wattie knows the sky is the limit.