July 26, 2012

@IaintStarving @MrInfamy “Leave It In The Glass" feat. Rev Ruger

The Starving Artist Foundation is proud to present a new song release as the lead single for Mr. Infamy's 5th mixtape installment, "We Dont Rap We Drink". "Leave It In The Glass" features Rev Ruger and on the track, the two emcees boast about the feeling they get from the thought of sipping that first drink.  Mr. Infamy takes you on the journey of the average working man counting down the last 60 minutes of the work day.  He proceeds to tell you how one takes their issues or problems and put them inside a bottle and knock 'em down.
After a long over due break, Mr. Infamy is gearing up to take his music to the next level with a trend of "Lush Raps" aimed for the hip hop fans that love to drink.  At the same time Mr. Infamy aims to share some of his drinking experiences (the good, the bad, and the super ugly).
“We Dont Rap We Drink" is almost complete and will serve as the prelude to Mr. Infamy's first Lp "Happy Hour" which is set to release Spring 2013.