July 31, 2012

New Artist: @Conflict_TBM Press Release... Contact: @JazzyMgt For All Inquiries On Artist

Los Angeles, CA -
Multi-faceted artist Conflict releases the long-awaited Strip Club as a free download on Tuesday,July 24 under Jazzy Management and We On Music Group, where he has partnered with artist K-Boy.
Former Division Music artist, Conflict, releases his first full length project since departing from the group anchored by Glasses Malone.Since his Back to Basics release in 2010, Conflict has been carefully crafting Strip Club with a new creative freedom unlike any he has experienced before.
Conflict describes Strip Club as a classy,seductive project guaranteed to give intense eargasms and orga... nevermind. The arousing, original work shows that Conflict is far more than just a rapper... He was the rapper, the singer, the writer and the engineer. Featured within the 11 tracks are K-Boy, Adam Roose, B-Ezy, Yung Jinx and newcomer J-Go.
The first single, Private Dancer, was released on Valentine’s Day this year and is in heavy rotation throughout strip clubs in the South, including Magic City.
“It’s a project for the ladies. They can listen to it and feel sexy. It will definitely make the undercover freaks come out of theirshell,” insists Conflict. “It will appeal to strippers… and women who want torole play as strippers.” - Conflict