July 26, 2012

via @IStillLoveHER .... @kayo505 @83_Sound "Journey"

If you have ever dealt with stress in experiencing losing a loved one and felt happiness in accomplishing your goals, Kayohes, was right there with you. 
"I've felt the pain of seeing people come and people go but have also felt the joy of having family at my side at all times. My family, my music, and my education are the most important things to me right now, take those away and you have no stories, you have no songs."
Hip Hop music has always been a territorial scene. New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Atlanta, Texas, Miami, and the list goes on. Each territory has their own unique sound and unique upbringing that makes artists from those areas stand out. Albuquerque? New Mexico? Has its own unique sound and upbringing but not like those other cities mentioned.
"I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is my blood flowing through these desert streets. Did I grow up here, no I didn't, I grew up in 6 different countries: Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Cuba. My sound and upbringing are even different than Albuquerque's."
Kayohes is gearing up for his solo release "Stress City II," which is entirely produced by 83 Sound. "It will be a free download. It's my stories, my life, and experiences. The main concept is the stress that we (I) deal with on a regular basis. From losing friends and family to death, to dealing with separation and the politics that keep us down in our communities".