August 11, 2012

@fattyduke ft Gucci Mane "BOOMIN" (Music Video)

The track is produced by rapidly rising beat junkie DJ Young Cuba. And the video, shot on the gritty streets of Fatty Duke’s beloved Tampa, is the vision of creative mastermind producer Omar Shaikah of Shaikah Films.

“’Boomin’ is just an installment of several major moves that I’m making in the upcoming months,” says Duke. “I’m about to change the way we listen to, look at, and feel music.”
Planning each move like a strategic game of chess, Duke’s upcoming project, a street album entitled Talkin’ Cash Shit hosted by DJ Winn (Cool Runnings DJs, Mr. Watch Me Work.) Set to be released on September 18, the mixtape features fellow Tampa rappers 1 Syke, Don Juan and Pro Major.

But that’s doesn’t even scratch the surface. Fatty Duke is scheduled to drop his 360 Records / ICE Management- released compilation album Traffic Kings later this year.

“Traffic represents your trials and tribulations,” Fatty explains. “King means that now after have pushed through your trials and tribulations; you can be your own ruler in your own lane.”

But first, sit back as the single “Boomin’” pulsates your speakers and the surreal video resurrects your screen.