September 19, 2012

@ThatFagRip "THATS JUST RAINBOW GANG" (Via @MrGetYourBuzzUp)

Young HipHop Artist Comes out of the Closet in Unconventional 
Move to Help Others. Twenty year-old Ripparachie has a vision to end 
the bullying and discrimination that the LGBT community experiences 
on a daily basis. Now, by coming out to his fans and changing his 
musical goals for the greater good, he hopes others will accept and be 
proud of who they really are.  His first song was written for him by his 
cousin when he was 7 years old. He started writing his own music when 
he was 11 years old. He was born and raised in a small town called 
Lafayette in Indiana. He first started calling himself "Lil Rippa" when his grandmother died. When he moved to Bridge Way, a local apartment 
complex, his big bro always called him "Rachie". He decided to put both 
names together and that’s how the name "Ripparachie" was created. 
Ripparachie opened up for Too $hort when he was 14 years old. He has 
also opened up for Crime Mob, Lil Wyte, DJ Unk, and more.  He has 
been dropping solo mixtapes ever since he was 15 years old. He created 
#TeamWerk in the year of 2011 and the movement is getting bigger 
and stronger every day. Ripparachie is not afraid to be different and he 
feels that being unique is his key into "the game". He has done songs in 
almost every genre and will continue to explore. One of his goals is to 
create his own genre of music. Another one of his goals is to REVIVE 
"swag" music.
       Having changed his musical style to spin a positive image on ‘being 
genuine’, Ripparachie has embarked on a National campaign to provide 
a voice for others who are too scared to be themselves. His latest 
album, F.A.G (Free and Genuine), aims to put a stop to the bullying and 
discrimination that prevents thousands of young people in the United 
States from accepting their sexuality with pride. “Everyone I knew 
always wanted to know why I was so depressed and so negative. It was 
simply because I was afraid of coming out and losing the people I called 
friends and family,” Ripparachie explains. He continues, “I have finally 
spoken the truth and want to help bring the LGBT community together 
to help fight for our rights.” In doing so, Ripparachie is working hard to 
change the face of the word ‘Fag’, spinning it to become a positive label 
for those who are finally free of society’s misconceptions and 
homophobic tendencies. Along with Fly A** Guys/Girls, his new line of 
clothing, Ripparachie has a vision of an accepting society that is free 
from discrimination. “I was afraid of the word Fag before coming out. I naturally associated it with the dozens of hate crimes and suicides that 
take place among young people every week in the United States. 
However, I have now decided to stand up for what is right, instead of 
following the music industry’s norms. I want to make a difference,” he 
adds.  “I have lost a lot of fans, friends, and family due to coming out. 
But I have also gained a lot of respect for being true to myself and 
others. By spreading a positive image others will be able to face the 
same decisions as me with the pride and confidence that nobody will 
push them away,” Ripparachie explains.
His Free and Genuine iTunes album is currently available online and 
proving immensely popular among both the LGBT and straight 
communities. The artist plans to donate a proportion of the album’s 
profits to a non-profit organization that actively supports the LGBT