September 27, 2012

Via @IStillLoveHER @mental_floss817 "BIG DEAL"

Big Deal is the first official video from P.A.T.'s "Where The Sidewalk Ends" mixtape that was originally scheduled for a September 18th release. Due to the sample clearing process of a couple of tracks on the mixtape the release had to be postponed.
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Hosting the long awaited tape will be DJ Kingflow, DJ Wats, and DJ Kushgod.

P.A.T. stands for my Poetic And Talented side. An Air Force veteran and brat born in Bitburg, Germany but quickly left when his father decided to retire and has yet to return home for a visit. Now residing in the US. The best of all worlds: street smarts, book smarts, business savvy and even managed to get some common sense.