November 13, 2012

2 Racks Rap Contest Comes To NYC November 18

2Racks Rap Contest

SUCCESS STORY!    Over the past two years, The 2Racks Rap Contest has made stops in more than 10 major cities from coast to coast including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Orlando & Seattle.  2Racks is a fast-paced song competition for upcoming Hip Hop Artists to showcase original material, perform live and compete for a $2000 Cash Prize.  The series is innovative, trendsetting, authentic, and is consistently packing clubs for new music.  The series produced 32 successful shows in its first 2 years and partnered nationally with Reverb Nation, Fusicology, the Hip Hop Congress and several local and regional promo companies, radio stations, studios and organizations.  We’ve booked hundreds of talented and emerging Hip Hop artists from across the country that have performed in front of industry and celebrity judges ranging from music supervisors, radio station music directors, on-air personalities, producers and artists.  

The Undiscovered Tour

In its inaugural run, this tour is designed to market, promote and expose a facet in Hip Hop that is often taken for granted, The Undiscovered.  Contrary to the notions that “Hip Hop is Dead” and that It’s fallen victim to swag, violence, money and negativity, The Undiscovered will prove otherwise.  The Undiscovered creates opportunity for the under-rated, independents that you might not have heard of yet.  These artists are positive, lyrical, considerate, and respect the culture of Hip Hop. They understand cooperation and believe in supporting one another.   Working with new talent is considered a risk, we step to the challenge because we believe that if we get you to listen, with good choices, You will find something you like.