November 14, 2012

About @therealflipsyde

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Flipsyde is a group based out of Oakland, California that features Piper (MC), Steve Knight (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) & Dave Lopez (Lead Guitar).
Flipsyde, who first hit the airwaves in 2005 with their debut hit single, "Someday" from their worldwide successful album "We The People", has been working hard in the studio bringing fans new music of the times.
Lauded by The Washington Post as "the best hip hop album of the year," Flipsyde's debut album "We The People" went on to sell a
quarter of a million units world wide and 750,000 singles-embraced by audiences
as far as Japan, India, and Germany, where "Happy Birthday" became a top 3 hit.
In the US, "Someday," a powerful song about overcoming adversity, became the theme song to NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics in 2006 and in 2008 their song “Champion” was the theme song for the Summer Olympics.
It has been quite an adventure for Flipsyde who embarked on a steady touring schedule for over five years, opening for the likes of Snoop Dogg, The Game and The Black Eyes Peas. With all Flipsyde has accomplished, the adventure does not stop here.
In the past year Flipsyde has independently written, produced and released two albums and five mix tapes that have reignited appreciation from their old fans as well as gained them recognition from new fans far and wide.
Their first album since "We the People" is titled "The Phoenix". Both in title as well as content,
"The Phoenix" symbolizes the rebirth of Flipsyde’s unique sound and energy.
Best summed up by Piper, “The Phoenix captures the soul of our original music, while allowing us to soar into areas we have never travelled.”
The band’s politically charged first single off the album, “Act Like A Cop Did It” is a call to action for
everyone affected by violence in the inner city. Says lead guitarist Dave Lopez, “We wanna change the way people think. We want people to listen to our music and
then actually do something. In these times art has to be more than just art, it has to inspire a change for the better.” The Phoenix soars high and low and is packed with addictive melodies like the X-Games inspired single “Laserbeam”. Poetic hooks, vicious guitar solos, and lyrical truths about the lives of everyday people have garnered The Phoenix a place next to the band’s critically acclaimed We The People
as one of the most powerful musical releases of these times.