December 13, 2012

@rogizz RoGizz aka Black Blago - Political Pimpin' Volume I (mixtape)

1. Blago's Theme (Produced by S.C.)
2. Legal Off the Law
3. Swimming With her Jaws
4. Who I'm Is featuring Nemesis (Produced by Standout Muzik)
5. Incredible featuring Paypa, Chris Crack and Cutta (Produced  by Cutta)
6. Cigarettes and Pepsi (Produced by Echem Pahkwah)
7. I Got That Cat
8. Ridin Through My City (Produced by S.C.)
9. Foot In Her Azz
10. What U Twerkin Wit
11. Outro: Fantastic Trip (Produced by S.C.)
Mixed by DC