February 13, 2013


Jonny "J-EA" James was born on May 7, 1987 in the Bronx, NY. A drummer from age 9, James was introduced to rapping at age 13 and immediately excelled. After finding success at battle rapping in Newark, NJ, Jonny decided to return to his new home of New Rochelle, NY to find local success. In the following years James received a demo deal from Sony Records, became a teenage parent and continued to excel at drumming . However, as luck would have it James met local producer SJ beats and they immediately clicked. The two coined themselves "The Surrealists" after the French Surrealism Movement of the 1920's. Teaming up with other local artists and producers such as Relly Beats, Mike Shinn and Danny G, J-EA recorded two mix tapes titled “Good Morning” and “The Homecoming.” Focusing more on the art and love of music than a deal itself, J-EA took a break from the spotlight to perfect his craft and raise his son. James was not meant to disappear just yet as he signed with Desert Storm (the force behind recording artist Fabolous) in early 2010. Since then, J-EA has been busy recording with such artists as Ja Rule, Chingy and J-Hood. Today, J-EA is can be heard over the airwaves of New York City’s own Power 105.1 and is working on a lot of new and highly anticipated Mixtape Called "LIVE" with two time Grammy award winning producer Rocwilder.