March 21, 2013

(New Music)-@RonArtist "G.E.D." via @MrGetYourBuzzUp

Just because you're not asleep doesn't mean that you're awake. Education that is controlled and comprised will eventually indoctrinate. NY based Rap Juggernaut Ron A.R. (AKA The Artistic Rebel) has released a song which is arguably one of the most thought provoking rap songs out right now and perhaps one of the most controversial. It's called G.E.D. In the song he eloquently explores his reasons for dropping out of H.S. and he challenges the American education curriculum and its teaching methods. The lyrics are powerful. The song will undoubtly spark debate. It's the first single off of his upcoming EP "Diary of An Artistic Rebel." Teens drop out of school for many reasons, and the decision to drop out is rarely spur of the moment. Kids usually drop out of school following a long process of disengagement and academic struggle. Many teens say they were bored and frustrated with classes that didn't seem relevant to their life. Or they felt they had fallen so far behind they eventually gave up hope. Ron A.R.'s song G.E.D will shed light on this growing problem in the American school system. The dedicated wordsmith is a member of the Rhyme Rebel Syndicate and his style evokes comparisons to Asap Rocky, Ab-Soul, School Boy Q, Lupe Fiasco and more