June 27, 2013

Introducin' @JOEFONZE

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Or Joe Fonze, Da Black Prezzy, Rising Hip Hop star hailing from the South Bronx; born Joe Furman, the Lyrical genius has made his mark on the NYC Hip Hop scene, and now calculates his next move. Whats that you migth ask? Making his brand a household mention. SInce the age of 15 Jay F has been living out his musical dream. A passion since as long as he can remember, writing rhymes was second nature, and performance even more innate. Wanting only to make history, not just hot songs, his understanding of the culture and path to success experienced by so many of his favorite MC's who served more as motivators than as influentials
" I have always been one who pays attention to the grind, not so much the outcome."
And grind is the only thing JFK knows how to do. Adapting his birthname Joe Fonze as a way to show versatility in his branding and output, JFK remains as raw and metaphorically gifted as any other you can mention. With the success of his debut, Global Warming, the stakes at this point has risen.  Known to those who know him best as cocky and often times fancy, JFK prides himself on being a connoisseur of quality, an attribute which he unequivocally apply to his music.  Creating a plethora of tunes, from club bangers to insightful themes, JFK is quickly becoming the choice of die hard Hip Hop fans.
With a resume which includes opening up for well-known acts such as Cory Gunz, Murda Mook and more, Joe Fonze is primed to put his name in lights.  Mr Black Prez as he describes himself believes in his god given talent and vows to make the most of this opportunity to share his story and his flow with the WORLD; recently releasing a behind the scenes testimonial which will serve as the prelude, VLOG leading up to the release of his highly anticipated EP, Da Commission (Directed by Moment For Life Inc) Joe Fonze is guaranteed to set 2013 on FIRE. Dont believe it, just watch:

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