September 24, 2013


There are two sides to almost every story and the story of life is no exception. Victor Stoniallo aka Young Martyr shows life’s duality on his latest offering “Victor Stoniallo vs. Young Martyr Collision Course”. Young Martyr is the thoughtful, intelligent and at times down right motivational side of life, whereas Mr. Stoniallo takes over as the cocky, hard edged, street side of things. Being able to express all the intricacies of life with both conviction and believability is a skill not found in many of today’s emcees. While tackling subjects including love (“I’ll Wait for You”,”End of Time”), drug transactions (“Problem Solver”), or even just being the freshest (“Check My Fresh”) Stoniallo does it all with ease. Religious overtones are abundant on the release even sporting three skits that are prayers delivered by Godfather Aleman. Punchlines are at a premium and served in heavy doses with lines like “Damn right I get it poppin, like the kernels in the pot/ blow inferno, watch it burn you for the corny shit you got”.