February 15, 2014

GET TO KNOW @Nalisten

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Na'listen is a HIp Hop Recording Artist/Record Producer/ CEO, and Founder of the Independent Record Company Raptile Records LLC. Founded in MInneapolis, Minnesota.
Born and Raised in the most oppressed and poverty stricken areas of North Side Minneapolis Minnesota, Na'Listen Has found a avenue to escape the unfavorable circumstances of his childhood.
Popularly referred to as THe city of MurderApolis,
Na'Listen has gained the admiration of urban youth by became a voice for those who have struggled and endured hard ship in their Lives.
Learning the ins and outs off Recording while Transferring back and Forth Between North Community High school and Studio 4 The High school for Recording Arts in St. Paul Minnesota Na'Listen avoided the distractions of Crime Violence and heavy alcohol use and drug addiction.

Na'Listen's Music is a testimony of a Young man who cultivated his skills and ability to triumph over the many destructive temptations of the streets and its harsh oppressive reality.
Na'Listen's Great Grandmother Bernadette Anderson a community civil Rights Activist and Social worker was extremely instrumental in guiding The Life of Young Na'Listen as well as instilling a Positive moral set of beliefs and Values.
Bernadette Anderson Being a encouraging Mentor and Mother Figure to the Likes Of many Legendary Musicians Such as Na'Listen's God Father "Prince", "Andre Cymone" (Na'Listen's Uncle), Morris Day, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Na'listen's cousin Homer O'dell of the Band Mint Condition just to Name a Few...
Bernadette Allowed them all Musicians a place to Create and Jam out in the Basement of her home located at 1244 Rustle in North Minneapolis Minnesota Prior to all of there Mainstream success. Na'Listen was introduce to music at a very early age by various relatives and friends of the family who Have Come to be Legends in the Music Industry.

My New Release

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My Most Recent Production Credits include 2 Beats on The Legendary Lil B the Based God's Newest Mixtape "05 Fuck em" . I Produced track 14. "You Unda" & Track 22. "Love B". I also Produced Records For Layzie Bone's Newest Artist Mr.Cota Cota Signed to Harmony Howse Ent as Well as Mo Thug Producer and Artist HC the Chemist.