February 14, 2014

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K. Robinson (born June 1, 1989), professionally known as Klassic, is an Independent American Hip Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Record Rroducer from Tuskegee, Alabama. With 13+ years of musical experience, he is best known for his astonishingly innovative movie script like lyrics with a combination of catchy melodious rhythms. His hip, drug sedative, party styled anthems really tap into minds with words that make his following see with their ears and become so swallowed into his dope track swagger, that they think they’re living the roles in his tunes.

At the age of 8 years old, Klassic discovered his extraordinary potential to be outrageously creative. Acting, Art, etc... Excelling well in musical arts through middle school also attending Booker T. Washington High School in Tuskegee Alabama. After graduating from the school’s advanced diploma courses in 2007, he earned a scholarship to attend Miles College in Birmingham Alabama to pursue a degree in Music Technology. Later dropping out in search of work.

After an in-depth study and understanding of music production, Klassic completed each instrumental in Kuwait while working on his 1st major professional album, which consists of original tracks. All completely self produced, bona fide records, under his private label “The Hustle Hierarchy, LLC.” Klassic assures that his current project, “Da Come Up 2 : Counting Blessings aka “DCU2, will be on your list for “Album of the Year” and will bring his works to become the center of interest worldwide after its release Spring Break 2014.” Though not pursuing a record deal, his current singles “Money Obsession” and "Right Now", available now on iTunes, are doing fairly well and there are no words to describe the prolific aura of these tracks. His prior releases had a fair amount of success internationally. Selling 1000+ records worldwide and has also released music through Def Jam and Interscope.

Klassic is now at the level in his career to mount the stage at larger venues, get more professional friends on and offline, and travel to more exotic places. After traveling the world and being married with 2 children, the 24 year old says "Im doing well but I'd like to provide more for my daughters. I just want to top the iTunes charts!"

“I dont have fans. I have friends therefore, I would like to thank every supporter and friend who are fueling and encouraging my career advancement. Continue to SHARE & COMMENT Everywhere. Also feel free to chat on TWITTER.  - Its Klassic!”

Klassic is now offering mixing, mastering, features, advertising, and songwriting labor at reduced rates because of his new website opening “www.itsklassic.com”. “If you want to give your music (beats, vocals, etc...) that industry quality sound to allow your music to get the official stamp of approval it deserves to become publicized, then Klassic is your go to guy.” He is also signing and recruiting aspiring artists and producers (Recording and Production Contracts Only).