February 18, 2014

T Parris Music Group Presents: @Yungmarvingaye "Sacred Heart" - Stay Freestyle - Nas

Sacred Heart, Part One Of A Trilogy of Visuals Takes Us On A Journey Through The Gritty Streets Of Harlem.  Nas Once Said " ....  f%kn Wit Them Corners Have A N!gg@ Up in Bellevue ..."  One Might Think That Was just A Slick Line, But In Reality, Between These Blocks And Around These Corners Are Some Of The Darkest Secrets. Drug Deals Gone Bad! Dreams Deferred, Black Girls Lost, & Heartbreak Hustlers. T.P. Tends To Think That Most People Walking These Streets Suffer From Mental Illness.  Some From Literal Experiences, While Others Suffer From Second Hand Interactions. If You Walk Through Ya Community Everyday - Whether You're Going To Work, To School, Or just Roaming The Community - How Are You Not Affected?  "Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results ..Insanity" - Albert Einstein

     Sacred Heart Takes Us On A Walk Through Harlem While T.Parris Visualizes Some of The Things That Have Plagued His Mind. Let's See Where This Journey Will Lead.

Written By "The Man "