March 19, 2014

@DoggieDiamonds X JR Writer Interview Coming Soon?

With a rumor recently spreading on the internet concerning JR Writer, we have an exclusive to put this current rumor to rest. JR Writer recently did and interview with Doggie Diamonds for Forbez DVD that will explain everything and tell you everything you want to know!

This is the rumor:
….Time has not been Kind to All , Dipset was once the most popular

Group in NYC with all the members of the group taking on there own solo careers
although the likes of Jim Jones an Julez have both become household names
there is one member of the group who is not enjoying that same success 

After recording with mega artists like Lil Wayne an Cam’ron former

Dipset Affilate JR Writer is at the point where he is doing verses and music videos for 300-500 Dollars , but this isn’t the worst part .. the Worst part about it is JR Writer has been robbing some upstart rappers and keepin all the money , he has also taken a few shows been NY an CT where he has been paid the money an decided to either cancel , not show up or demand more money for new clothes , gasoline ect. 

Its crazy to see how far a rapper has gone , from being that hot new artist on the block , bringing Lil Wayne to Harlem , all the way to stealing from the culture that embraced you. 
Stay Tuned for the Doggie Diamonds & JR Writer interview!