March 19, 2014

Nicki Minaj Exposed For Impersonating , and Taunting Another Up And Coming Rapper Again??? ? @imyounik


IAMHIPHOPMAG.COM recently put up an article that appears to be exposing Nicki Minaj impersonating another up and coming female rapper by the name of ImYouNik. The website does a comparison of Nicki and ImYouNik's looks as well as dissecting Nicki's words for the freestyle she did to Boss A** B*tch and Danny Glover with Young Thug.
Hip Hop's favorite Barbie Nicki Minaj has been appearing a lot in the headlines as of late. First on December 30th she drops a freestyle to the group PTAF's song to Boss A** B*tch.
Then shortly after that, she drops another song with Young thug's "Danny Glover", and she put's a picture of Malcolm X on the cover of her new single "Lookin A** N*ggas", and received a lot of flack from a lot of critics. Nicki states, "the song is a conversation and not a direct diss to the estate of Malcolm X or his family." Now in the headlines Nicki is dealing with a 30 million dollar lawsuit case from allegedly stealing wig designs from her former wig stylist. Why does there seem to be an on going theme of this artist constantly taking things from people that do not belong to her? This has been going on since Lil Kim and now the public is wondering about the character of Miss Minaj. "Where there is smoke, there most certainly is fire. Not a good look."

The video "Lookin Ass Niggas" was released right before Valentines day and every male in hip hop expressed their disdain. To add more fuel to the fire, hip hop website IAMHIPHOPMAG.COM'S editor-n-chief Hannah Langhorn, uncovers what appears to be Nicki Minaj impersonating another artist to keep herself relevant. The magazine dissects Nicki's lyrics in each of the 2 newly released songs, give a complete breakdown of what was said, the time in the song or video of what was said, and the strange resemblance of Nicki's new look similar to 22 year old MC ImYouNik. "Clearly Nicki is dissing someone on at least 2 of those songs said Langhorn." It looks like the magazine may have revealed who that person is. In both Danny glover and Boss Ass Bitch you hear Nicki clearly stating, I'm going to wait until you get your buzz up. Who was Nicki referring to? Imyounik is fairly new to the music industry and the magazine reveals they have one common denominator.

Imyounik was discovered by former Shady recording artist Bobby Creekwater at the time he was still signed. Bobby put her on a record with STS and Obie Trice called PAUSE. ImYouNik landed an artist development deal to Indie powerhouse Major League Music Group out of Atlanta GA.

Since teaming up with the music group, ImYouNik has stayed busy, and in fact recently came off a tour where she headlined with Young Money (YMCMB) rapper, T Rone as well as 2 Chainz’s artist, Cap 1 (Motown Records) from January 27-31, 2014. Imyounik is no stranger to lyricism. She dropped a video with industry vet Sha Stimuli called 5 Fingas Of Death, the remake to one of Big L's singles . Sha Stimuli clearly states in the video, "Imyounik is raps future, the girl that yall should see." He is right and if Nicki is talking about her, we can see why she would be concerned.

If you were to check out Imyounik’s Instagram page you would find the “new” signature wing-tipped eye make-up that Nicki has adopted, has always been worn by ImYouNik since making her musical debut back in 2009.

Furthermore, as of recently on ImYouNik’s Instagram she revealed plans to release a new music video that was set to drop Monday night, however, it was released on Tuesday morning. It appears that these recent speculations may in fact have some validity as the video reveals ImYouNik’s cover to Nicki Minaj’s remix of “Boss A** B**ch”.

ImYouNik’s “Boss A** Chick”  music video offers what seems to be a response to the Young Money rapper in a funny parody SNL type of way but she never mentions her name and kills the record with nearly no profanity use at all, a true feat and testament to the remarkable talent of this rising artist. This video is hilarious.


Magazine now confirms that Nicki has been stealing from the artist according to ImYouNik's Mother and the smoking gun is non other than YMCMB Lil Twist who conveniently just happens to be a friend of ImYouNik's family and has been for years. UH Oh. The magazine say's it will post a part two to this original article that will expose the link between ImYouNik, Lil Twist and of course Nicki Minaj!

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