March 20, 2014

@OMG_itsLammyco "Devils Advocate" (Produced by Super Producer Posta) **BONUS** RIC FLAIR


Growing up in Macon GA (home of many music legends) ; A 23yr old who calls himself Lammyco is making a name for himself. Lammyco is a hiphop artist currently in Atlanta, and signed to Rough World Records out of Miami. He has performed at The Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Ga Coliseum, and various clubs throughout the Georgia area. 

He specializes in: 
● Rapping 
● Singing 
● Playing live instruments (violin, guitar, bass) 
● and Producing

Lammyco has worked with top entertainment venues such as BAD BOYRECORDS,RCA Records, BLOC ENT, BSM, and more.He has been featured on Hip Hop blog sites such as: 
● 1ststophiphop 
● HotNewHipHop 
● WorldStarHipHop and other top platforms



01. Lammyco - The Coming [Prod. By Supa Producer Posta] 
02. Lammyco - Ric Flair [Prod. By Supa Producer Posta] 
03. Lammyco - Honest (Freemix) 
04. Lammyco - Walking Dead [Prod. By Ric And Thadeus] 
05. Lammyco - God Levels Freestyle 
06. Lammyco - For The Money [Prod. By Supa Producer Posta] 
07. Lammyco - Slide Thru (Interlude) 
08. Lammyco - Giuseppe Thoughts [Prod. By Joe Peeples] 
09. Lammyco - Step Ahead [Prod. By Supa Producer Posta] 
10. Lammyco - Get To You (Feat. Bandit Gang Marco) 
11. Lammyco - Boom (Feat. Redeaok) [Prod. By Kerry Poitier] 
12. Lammyco - Eat It Up (Feat. Redeaok) [Prod. By Vic Jones] 
13. Lammyco - Kill Em (Freestyle) [Prod. by G Money] 
14. Lammyco - Swangers [Prod. by E Sharpe] 
15. Lammyco - You Deserve It [Prod. By Vic Jones] 
16. Lammyco - The Chase 
17. Lammyco - Brother You're A King


IG: @lammyco_nbg 
Twitter: @OMG_itsLammyco 

He is currently working on his long awaited mixtape and album and has stated more info will be released as the project progresses. Also his debut video "Round and Round" released on Vevo. Last video "Walking Dead" released on Youtube Feb.13.