March 6, 2014

@PremeDaPrez "Coming Soon Vlog" Ep 2 - March 21st

Quad Preme 2
As the project reaches a wrap up point, Preme sits down to give some insight to the much anticipated "Coming Soon" project. This will be his first all original project. Set to showcase his lyrical skill with tracks all his own that he has worked hard on. One track referenced in the Vlog had been recorded a stunning 24 times before he worked out all the kinks. True testament to the dedication and care that he took when bringing this project to the ears of his awaiting fans. Through his social media (twitter and instagram) and snippets there are set to be track titled, "Sorry Mama" and "Brooklyn (Waddup)". Only feature to be detailed so far is one he collaborated with on previous hit, "I Deserve To Be Here", Kayla Bliss. "Coming Soon" is set to show why he deserves the the spot he has taken claim. Watch the new episode and past clips on his YouTube Page