April 4, 2014

Help Michaeux Ashley Start A Basketball Camp For Kids In Florida!

Hello to all,

 My name is Micheaux Ashley, also known by many other names such as Bryan, G.A. and Coach G.A.  I have always had a passion for basketball since a very young age.  Playing basketball has saved my life and taught many lessons on and off the court. As I look at our youth around the nation, especially within Central Florida, I see a need for positive influences and productive outlets.  I have a strong passion for working with kids and helping them achieve their goals on and off the court.  This year I began working with three youths, coaching and training them on the sport of basketball.  I began to receive feedback about their on and off the court performances, and how much their confidence, demeanor, and relationships have improved. This summer I will be conducting my 1st Annual Summer Camp for all youth between the ages of 5-15.  This summer camp will be the first step in helping to make a difference one “shot” at a time.  All donated funds will be utilized for the youth to provide a facility, trainers, equipment, and scholarships.  I truly love basketball, and watching kids work hard at getting better, and I know the impact a positive environment and people can have on our youth, and I want to create this for them this summer.  Please help me make a difference by donating.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  You can make the difference!