April 15, 2014

(New Music)- @PLAYFAIRCYPHER "We Take Time'' Prod By @DJPain1 Mixed by @Rickaby714

WE TAKE TIME single Midwest MC's RAMBUNXIOUS and VEDARONE have rejoined forces to form the group PLAY FAIR CYPHER. Set to release their debut album this summer, "I WANT MORE" is produced by DJ PAIN 1, mixed by RICKABY, and mastered by JOSEPH PATTERSON for REIGNY DAY PRODUCTIONS. Combining current and classic styles of many genres including Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Soul and Blues to create a refined blend of music that is both positive and inspiring, yet remains inclusive and without judgement. A mature and socially-responsible alternative, that appeals to those looking to be entertained and motivated without feeling demeaned or inferior. "WE TAKE TIME" is the first single and features DJ PAIN 1 on both production and turntables. It's a classic 90's style track that pays homage to its predecessors by promoting the dedication and effort required to make something timeless, as always "with correct technique"