April 25, 2014

(New Video)- @LegendaryYD "Run the City" feat Kane-O

YD is an up and coming rapper and Hip Hop extraordinaire hailing out of Madison, WI. YD was born in Milwaukee, WI. His music is gritty with a commercial appeal. His amazing style, rhyme skills, and flow have tantalized Hip hop crowds for many years and he continues to grow on a daily basis. Moreover the rap juggernaut is currently making a major impact as a solo artist with his latest video entitled ""Run the City"," featuring Kane-O. The song is exciting and vibrant and invokes a return to what made Hip Hop music fun. "Run The City is a rare Hip Hop track that is raw and full of energy," proclaims UrbanBuzzFactor.com YD has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. But, over the years, he has beaten the odds and mapped out a plan for success."My unique selling proposition is that I am not afraid to be myself and I incorporate my life's experiences in my music" proclaims the rapper.