May 12, 2014

(New Music)- @FramesWord "Drop In The Ocean"

4 Rapper Big Frame is theatrical, outrageous, and wildly inventive. His infectious style of Hip-hop is making a big impact in the independent music world. Frame is truly eclectic and original. His music grabs you and takes you into another dimension. Authenticity is the key to his success. He has built an international brand by going against the grain. Frame's past singles have been featured on The Howard Stern Show, Playboy Radio and Sirius/XM Radio. His last album "Cocktales" was well received. Additionally, he has been featured in such magazines as Coast2Coast Magazine, The Hype magazine, and Full Blast magazine. Moreover, Frame has received co-signs from such esteemed celebs as three-time Grammy winner Marvin Moore, WWE superstar John Cena, and 2013 Porn Star Of The Year Alexis Ford. Equally important, the Rap Rebel is currently gearing up to release his latest album entitled "Follow The Leader." Frame is making an impact with the first single off of the project called "Drop In The Ocean," which is a heartfelt song about a lost love. The track demonstrates Frame's innovative style. It's crisp and edgy. The song features metaphor-driven rhymes, witty lyrics, dark humor, and emotional depth. "Drop In The Ocean" is receiving accolades from mixshow DJ's across the nation. The Big Frame brand delivers that rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and creativity that's often absent on the current Hip Hop soundscape.