May 2, 2014

(New Video)- @EREIGNESM "Money Calling"

As a youngster, E-Reign was introduced to rap by his two eldest brothers in the early 90′s. He became entranced by the sounds and energy from that era. Such emerging stars that were influential to the aspiring artist were LL Cool J, Tupac, and Nas. Their precarious demeanor, command for storytelling, and hypnotic flow put a strong-hold on his mind, heart, and soul. At the tender age of 10, E-Reign would memorize lyrics and perform along with songs. Admittedly a fan, he began to visualize a similar success, thus aligning himself musically to their artsy. Since that time, for nearly two decades, E-Reign’s world has become completely entrenched not only in the music, but the culture of Hip-Hop. The humble, but persistent recording artist, music philosopher, and songwriter has performed quite a few shows with DJ Kay Slay, Jae Millz, Jason Fox, and other familiar faces. Expanding across the Tri-State NYC area and soon the entire East Coast, E-Reign is as real as it gets with his music. What sets him apart from other artists is his ability to pen catchy songs and spit hard hitting rhymes that still touch on reality through personal experiences. His newest musical offering is a hard hitting, feel good EP entitled Election Day and the newly elected single is called ‘Money Calling’.