May 21, 2014

@RIO_HLN "Trying To Be Human" (prod. by G_Force) @BennyBlueEyes

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Chicago's fast rising talent RIO knows he's a monster, but over the swelling strings, trippy guitar, and punching drums created by Portland, OR producer G_Force, he's just "Trying To Be Human". As the lead single and title track from their upcoming collaboration album, the emcee and producer create a soundscape fit for a film as RIO delivers some brags and boasts, but comes to terms with the fact that he just wants the people to know who he really is. Those who enjoy this record will get to find out much more about his story on the full-length project, coming very soon.

Sometimes it takes another place to help change the reality of your current environment. As a rising hip-hop artist in a city with a sub genre diverse talent pool, yet with a singular style that is dominating the attention of the media and in the streets, Chicago rapper RIO (as in Rap's Instant Obsession) has taken his talents to Portland, Oregon (so to speak) and linked up with talented and forward-thinking producer G_Force on their collaborative project entitled Trying To Be Human. This 11 track album displays RIO's well-rounded conceptual acumen and influences from growing up in the Windy City, and his experiences interacting with its local hip-hop scene and those who come with it. With G_Force laying a soundbed, this allows the ebb and flow of the project to truly envelope the listener into what RIO has known to become his world...a cultured and well-traveled lifestyle from afar transposed into a trying and consequential reality on the ground. 

On the title track and lead single, RIO delivers a track that is perhaps his most blatant attempt at creating something for a larger audience. This creates an irony that the listener can genuinely appreciate as we all look for mass acceptance at some point in our lives. Songs like "Weekend at Arnie's", "Bar Up", "Loudpack Shawty", and "RIO" show a fun, energetic, and comical side of the emcee, with lyrics rooted in real life stories and adventures. The project is rounded out by "Say So", a deeper track painting a picture of the harsh realities in the "Chiraq" street culture and the perpetual cycle that maintains the madness. 

An artist like RIO strives to relate, educate, and entertain. With the help of talented people like G _ Force and featured guests,  RIO is able to bring his broad vision to life.

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