May 30, 2014

Seeking Music For A Major Film Trailer - Mid Tempo Rock Songs - $9,500 Sync Payout

We're currently seeking mid tempo rock songs for a major motion picture film trailer. The music should build, starting off more quite and building throughout the song to a louder/harder ending. Instrumental versions please !!!

If your song is selected we'll offer a non exclusive agreement with 50% of the sync fee with a $9,500 payout.

The Songs To Your Eyes music catalog is featured in productions world wide with placements in Sony Pictures, FX, TBS, TNT, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, MTV, CMT Network and E Entertainment among others. We are a rapidly growing library, representing the work of over 75 composers, producers and recording artists and release an estimated 30 to 35 new CDs per year.