June 6, 2014

@Examinercom Posts Info About The #undergroundsummerjam On Their Site

Underground Summer Jam

From: Examiner.com

June 5, 2014

The annual Summer Jam is still a hot topic among Hip-Hop fans, not for the music, which by all accounts was on point, but from chain snatching brawl that stole the show. With reality TV, Vine, Twitter and all other media outlets available the shock factor seems to override the music. Kwan Lee, artist, producer and videographer, knows this all too well, instead of just venting on the state of Hip-Hop he decided to take action.

This action resulted in the 1st (hopefully annual) "Underground Summer Jam." Lee decided to bring together artists that contribute to NYCs thriving underground scene, and give a gift to the fans that support them. "I made it a priority not to charge people at the door to come out and support the artists, because the main reason a lot of artists' supporters do not come out is due to a lack of funds." Explained Lee.

Yes. This event is free, there is no excuse to not support this effort, instead of complaining about the lack of quality music on the radio and the often steep entry fees to see shows, come out and support. If this first effort is a success, who knows what will come of this new event. With support comes growth so come out and support Hip-Hop.

The line up is dope and gives people a chance to see their favorites and find some new music for your repertoire. Here is the lineup Lee is presenting:

Persia, T. Parris, Frank Castle, AGZ, Buck Roger$, ENY The Artist, and Toni Steelz. Along with this lineup there are a multitude of other performers to make for a full evening of Hip-Hop. Check the details below and see you there!

Underground Summer Jam

When: June 15, 2014

Time: 4PM - Until

Where: La Nuit NYC (1135 1st Ave. New York, NY 10065)

Price: Free Entry for ages 21 and overHosts: DJ Amanda Blaze, Karma Kane, The Choice Of NY, and Jeshaze

Music By: DJ Trifecta & DJ N.O.