June 10, 2014

@nonameganginc - The N.W.A [HD] Dir. By @IshellVaughan_

Straight from the Sugar Hill section of Harlem, New York Bugz and the No Name Gang are about to take over the rap game!! Bugz always knew that he wanted to be a rap superstar. Inspired by the late great 2 Pac, Bugz overcame a great deal of adversity to achieve his dreams. Bugz has worked with some of the best artist in the business.
He was introduced to Mase by Big L himself and went on to contribute verses and music to the Harlem World album, he also appeared on some of DJ Clue's projects and now he is CEO and founder of his own label, No Name Gang Inc. Currently Bugz is working on a visual mixtape with No Name Gang, entitled Gang Life. His latest video is "I Got The Power" featuring the No Name Gang, Bugz,Wildboy, Acieto, Chuck Daniels, Deuce Live, Young King and Gun Play.